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who was Antón Mouzo?

Antón Mouzo Lavandeira was an artist that was born in Vimianzo (A Coruña) On May 14th, 1957 and deceased at the age of 50 in A Coruña.

Curriculum Extensive curriculum as Antón left it before dying. antón mentras facía as botas de buxo
Newspaper library Document that Antón was elaborating and that was completed by his brother Roberto with material, which Antón had compiled in a folder. It also contains Photos of work that are connected to the articles and compiled texts. autorretrato na portada da carpeta

  • Ending of the memorable exhibition in Auditorio de Galicia. Thanks to all the visitors for your presence and for all your congratulations. Special thanks to the whole people of the Auditorium and to Maria Pose for the love with which they have done the work
  • The  RAVAR  group celebrates Antón by naming artist of the month every March.

  • Anton Mouzo Exhibition (anthology) in the Auditorio de Galicia (Santiago de Compostela).
árbores invitación 
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Avda. Burgo das Nacións s/n. 
  • The works of inventory and the general catalogue continue.
  • Montage of La Montaña Disoluta in the CGAC in the frame of the exhibition " Ficcións Analóxicas o video na Galicia dos 80 (January  2008).

why this website?

To show his work.
For the purpose of finishing the project, that was stopped by his unexpected death.
To make public all the initiatives that are carried out to support his memory and to claim for his work..

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